My name is Andrea and, since December 2021, I teach the Monday morning yin yoga class.

I was born and raised in Colombia, and in 2016 I moved to the Netherlands to pursue my bachelor’s degree in international business administration while also following an athletic career as a horse rider. During the last year of my bachelor’s studies, I increasingly felt the desire to orientate my career to lead a life of service to others, to the environment, and to animals. I then decided to follow afterwards a master’s degree in global business and sustainability, as a way to learn how to be more of service to the environment and gain a different perspective of leading a sustainable life, business career, and athletic career.

At this same moment in time, I started a personal practice of meditation, which not only became my second passion besides horse riding, but it also completely changed my life by showing me a new spark of life I had never experienced before. I wanted to share this experience with others, so for a year I did some exploration different modalities of energy work through courses and certifications (e.g., EFT, TFT, and Reiki), to both explore which one resonated more with my career path and start building a ‘toolbox’ of techniques with which I could help more people. During the time I did my master’s degree, I started to share this with other students by guiding different meditation workshops. In 2021 it became clear to me that the path I wanted to take was becoming a yoga teacher, so I followed a yoga teacher training to become a certified Hatha Vinyasa teacher.

With my yoga classes, I strive to use the movement of the body to contribute to overall physical wellbeing, but also as a direct path towards the inner working of the mind. I believe that by raising our awareness on our thoughts and feelings, we can uncover patterns and beliefs that allow us to understand ourselves more and direct our attention to living in greater calmness and joy. During my classes, I like to combine the asana practice with pranayama, meditation, and other techniques to give a holistic approach to wellbeing.

I am very grateful to be part of Het Yogahuis, and I look forward to seeing you on Mondays!